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Wildflowers of Western Australia

Perth Hills - Winter wildflowers

Perth winter ave. (Jun - Aug)

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Dwarf Burchardia Burchardia multiflora
Dwarf Burchardia

Lemon Scented Sun Orchid
Thelymitra antennifera

These sun orchids live underground and only appear around spring.

The flowers open to the warm embrace the of the sun, above 20°C, then close at night.

Also called Rabbit Ears and Lemon Orchid.

Pea Flower
Winter Donkey Orchids Diuris brumalis
Winter Donkey Orchids
Yellow Buttercup Hibbertia hypericoides
Yellow Buttercup
Pincushion Coneflower Isopogon dubius
Pincushion Coneflower
Winged Stackhousia Tripterococcus brunonis
Winged Stackhousia
Blind Grass Stypandra glauca
Blind Grass

Ruminating animals, like sheep and goats, that survive acute intoxication and paralysis after eating

Stypandra glauca

experience degeneration of the optic nerves which results in permanent blindness. Also known as the Nodding Blue Lily.

Swan River Myrtle Hypocalymma robustum
Swan River Myrtle
Devil's Pins Hovea pungens
Devil's Pins
Pea flower
Pea Flower
White Wildflowers
White Wildflower
Lemon Scented Darwinia Darwinia citriodora
Lemon Scented Darwinia
Kangaroo Paw