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Wildflowers of Western Australia

Perth Hills - Spring wildflowers

Perth spring ave. (Sep - Nov)

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White Wildflower
White wildflower
Yellow Wildflower
Yellow wildflower

Orange Sundew
Drosera miniata

These tiny treasures trap tasty treats with tacky-tipped tentacles.

Worth a closer look.

Purple Tassel Sowerbaea laxiflora
Purple Tassel
Bristly Cottonhead Conostylis setigera
Bristly Cottonhead

Boronias are famed for their perfumed flowers.

Pepper and Salt Philotheca spicata
Pepper and Salt
Red Wildflower
Red Wildflower
Pink Enamel Orchid Elythranthera emarginata
Pink Enamel Orchid
Bridal Rainbow Drosera macrantha
Bridal Rainbow
Wrinkle-Seeded Lobelia Lobelia rhytidosperma
Wrinkle-Seeded Lobelia
Pink Rainbow Drosera menziesii
Pink Rainbow
Kangaroo Paw