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Wildflowers of Western Australia

Coral Coast

Coral Coast mapEast Aust

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Woolly Corchorus Corchorus walcottii
Woolly Corchorus

The Coral Coast stretches for 1000 kms between the Pinnacles and Exmouth, including the Ningaloo and Shark Bay Marine Parks.

It has a long wildflower season, starting the middle of winter and into late spring. (July to November)

These Woolly Corchorus adorn the sandhills at Coral Bay.

Creeping Bushweed Samolus repens
Pretty Face
Coastal Pigface Carpobrotus virescens
Pig Face
Starflowers Calytrix oldfieldii

Kalbarri National Park teems with wildflowers such as these stunning Calytrix Starflowers

Wildflower Cactus Jack
Camel Bush

Camel Bush
Trichodesma zeylanicum

Worth a closer look.

Purple Flower White Wildflowers
Sturt's Desert Pea

These unusual white-centered Sturts Desert Peas are only found in the Exmouth area.

Westringia Purple Pea

All the wildflowers in this gallery are growing in sand.

White Flower Yellow Wildflowers
Mulla Mulla

Tall Mulla Mulla
Ptilotus nobilis