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Wildflowers of Western Australia

Western Australia map

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Curry Flower Lysinema ciliatum
Curry Scented

Curry Flower
Lysinema ciliatum

Nutrient intake from the poor soil is assisted by a fungus buddy in its roots.
This causes a strong curry aroma from the small white flowers.

Indigenous to W.A.

Firebush Keraudrenia integrifolia
Villarsia Villarsia parnassiifolia
Blue Squill Chamaescilla corymbosa
Blue Squill
Showy Groundsel Senecio magnificus
Showy Groundsel
Flannel Bush Solanum lasiophyllum
Flannel Bush
Running Postman Kennedia prostrata
Running Postman

The vine of this plant can be up to 2 metres long and used by Aborigines as string and rope, to bind and sew.

Kennedia prostrata

Sweet nectar was sucked from the flowers.

Buttercup Ranunculus colonorum
Nannup Wildflower
Nannup Wildflower
Tall Mulla Mulla Ptilotus nobilis
Mulla Mulla
Pink Wildflower
Sand Flowers
Sandhill Grevillea Grevillea stenobotrya
Sandhill Grevillea
Orange Immortelle Waitzia acuminata
Orange Immortelle
Winter Spider Orchid Caladenia drummondii
Winter Spider Orchid

Winter Spider Orchid
Caladenia drummondii

This tiny orchid is one of the first to appear each year.